How Does WhatsApp Make Money? - [Revenue Model 2020]

How does WhatsApp make money [Revenue model]

Itis a free messaging application and also has 5 Billion+ Downloads. But a lot of its users are wonder about " How does Whatsapp make money. " Because they think why any company provides a free service like free messages. But here are front-back money-making strategies of the company. 

In this article, we will Describe How does Whatsapp make money.  Let's move on its revenue model!

In this generation, peoples are Using internet messaging apps to share their thoughts and also multimedia. In the play store, It already has 5Billions + downloads, which seems that they have billions of user base.

Whatsapp developers make it only to provide an instant messaging facility to users, not for placing display ads of other companies. Still, at the same time, they need to pay their bills to maintain their Company then they make the following revenue model to generate money for them.

Here is How does Whatsapp make money or a profit

How Does WhatsApp Make Money

Whatsapp is totally free for sharing messages and multimedia like images, videos, audios, recording, etc. On the Daily bases Billions of users sending and receiving trillions of messages on the Whatsapp platform. So, WhatsApp uses space of your internal or external storage in your mobiles, and the user uses it. Here is a twist, Some time you are open the app, allows you a pop up of backup data. If you select a backup data option, then it automatically stores your messaging data into your cloud storage account( your google cloud storage account). When your cloud storage may be filled with your backup data, then cloud storage show you a plan to upgrade storage limit, and then you need to pay to google to upgrade your limit.

Note:- Whatsapp and google cloud storage both are the products of Google, and on the other hand, WhatsApp is acquired by Facebook. Hence, They convert Whatsapp users into cloud storage upgrade accounts users and make money via Whatsapp free service.

 When we open it, then it shows the label, which is Whatsapp from Facebook. This label is used to branding its own other products, and it helps Whatsapp to increase the significant company revenue with its own user base. WhatsApp officially revealed that they do not show any display ads in the future. 
"More than 1 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp."

Billions of users are enjoying instant messaging service for the free form it. But everyone is a wonder by this fantastic facility that is given to them for free. In the earlier times, before 2016, WhatsApp was charging a 1 dollar subscription fee in many countries, .but after 2016, they make it free from subscription plans to happy their users, and also this engages their many users to make instant sharing.

How can WhatsApp be free

It is totally free for use and also no subscription and use fee. But it uses your data connection(data charges may apply)  to run into your smartphones and other devices. It runs online with your data like 4g,3g,2g, etc.. connections. But we describe how WhatsApp can be free and generate revenue by providing free services in the above passages. I'm also using it to share my business services messages or multimedia with Whatsapp business. 

Really it is straightforward to use and also easy to share documents. They have their own to algorithms to determine the user experience like user favourites products hobbies. Also, it tracks the locations of their user to provide the best ads on their other social media platform. It is because users use phone numbers to make WhatsApp account, and the same name may be connected with other social media platforms. So they use WhatsApp data of users to shows relevant display ads to generate advertising revenue.

It all about makes their users satisfied and happy. they make revenue in billions by using these strategies. It is the hook of their business plan. It is the No#1 messaging app in the internet world and has a vast audience user base and also Day by DAy, internet messaging apps are replacing SMS text services.


Does WhatsApp Sell Data

Privacy is essential for Everyone! Here are all important things which you should need to know about does WhatsApp sell data because your data is necessary and it is private which needs privacy. Whatsapp Does not sell data of its users. But here is another thing which is that they are using your data to provide useful product ads on Facebook.

Here I'm talking about Facebook because WhatsApp is a product of it. They use your intrust based data to show relevant ads on Facebook. They do not sell your data to Third-party Companies.

Does Whatsapp sell data

We recommend you to use End to End encrypted Because when you use it, then your chats are going private and also no one store and read your messages( also this company ). This is build to make privacy better for users. Before 2020 Youtube also build messaging features to share the news, text, etc. If you don't know, then also check How To Message Someone On Youtube. It really helped to live content sharing views and talks by using This type of apps.

If you don't know what your data in WhatsApp is, don't worry. Data is your personal messages, videos, images, documents, and other multimedia that you share on it.

WhatsApp for Business (For Business Use)

Business owners are using Whatsapp Business API accounts to deal with customers because it provides an instant auto-reply facility. Yes, it is excellent! When customers send their messages to Business owners for services, then the business owners account auto-replies like "Thanks for messaging us." and many other deals direct messages. This service leads to more WhatsApp users like business owners, and it directly helps to grow revenue on Facebook by showing display ads.

KeyNOTE: If you want to use WhatsApp for business, then you need to make a business account

So here is a new money-making strategy for their Company!

 They use your communication intrust product data to make users need to fulfil. A lot of business brand is still using this service to communicate with their users officially. They also provide verified batch to verified brands. It is because they prevent their users from facing any scam or other problems.

Whatsapp 1$ Dollar Subscription fee (1$/Year)

Still, It is free, but Before 2016, WhatsApp is charged 1$ per year subscription fee. These charges are applied in some countries like Spain. But after 2016, the Company make it free to use, and now it is totally. They take this action because in earlier years the users are growing day by day and communicate with each other via it. 

So, they officially make it free on January 18,2016.

WhatsApp 1$ Dollar Subscription fee
WhatsApp 1$ Dollar Subscription fee Revenue model

I think it is really amazing to hear it is free, but we already discussed how WhatsApp makes money by providing free service. If you create its account, then you are going to spend your time on it. So be aware of that you are wasting your time on it by sharing your day status, and it helps them to understand about your current situation to showing product ads to you on Facebook and also on their other social media platforms.

Upcoming Revenue Model of WhatsApp

Every industry is working hard to get an increase in percentages in annual revenue, and also WhatsApp is already in the messaging industry. They are upgrading their app after a few months of the app updates, It is because they implementing their new plans and strategies for generating more customers(Users) for their group of product companies.

It has Valued in Billions. Face book is running it for generating lead customers on their ads. It is a golden money-making product which helps them to create Billions of Dollars. WhatsApp for business is growing day by day after it launches because a lot of shop and brands owners are implementing it in their businesses.

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