How to use Paytm - The Ultimate Guide

HOW TO USE PAYTM - Step by Step

If you are a new user of paytm or use paytm the first time, then you need to learn about what is paytm and how to use it. In this article, you will learn about how to use Paytm. It is effortless and easy to use. It is an E-Wallet that is used to pay and receive money online.

Paytm makes payment easy to receive and transfer. It is an E-commerce company that is generally used to shift money online. Paytm have many features, which include recharge, cashback offer, shopping, transfer money to the bank and also have the functionality of making payments by payment option.

How to use paytm

Register paytem account: open the paytm app and create your account by click on the "sign up" option, then Enter Your Phone number or email address verify your number using OTP after creating your account you can use paytm.

KYC: It is essential to add money to the paytm wallet from the bank account and also necessary to transfer money to your bank account. It is complete with the help of doorstep KYC verification. It made it easy to use paytm money transections.

Add money to paytm wallet: It needs money to make payments or doing recharges, So the first step is to add money to the portfolio by Adding cash from the bank account. If you have not bank account or debit card, then Go to near paytm user and ask him to send money to your paytm number( account ); it is straightforward.

Make payment using it: Now, after adding money, you could also be able to pay your bills, recharge, DTH recharge, money transactions, and also paytm have shopping options. Shopping option is advantageous and the best place to buy products from paytm store.


Whats is Paytm and How to use Paytm Features

Paytm is a digital platform, and its main work is to make mobile payments. It is a significant platform for mobile payments and commerce. It is an India company which is used in a wide range in India country. It helps you to transfer money instantly with 0% cost accepting the wallet. 

With the help of it, you are edible to paying your bill immediately on Taxi and auto-rickshaw, Grossery stores, Mobile shops, Asseories shops, and also in India some redi owner peoples accept paytm money. It also has a shopping offer. Now you can enjoy shopping with cashback on buying products from its store. Paytm store has a big list of products. If you are entrusted to purchase some stuff from the store, then open the store and select the category of your product. After it selects your products and clicks on the buy option. Fill your information about the shipping of merchandise. Then pay your bill using paytm wallet money or net banking etc.

Many paytm features provide a lot of value, but the Prepaid feature is my favorite feature. Now, you could make mobile prepaid and postpaid recharges, DTH recharges, etc. with the paytm Recharge option. It provides a lot of value to save time because it offers instant paying bills fecality. Cashback is a very effective plan and opportunity to do recharges. If you are interested in cashback on your bills or recharges, then, Paytm Cashback offers to help you to enjoy and also save money. Prepaid and postpaid mobile recharges are done by it.

How to use paytm the first time

Everyone is going to make payments with e-wallets, and Paytm is also a type of E-wallet. In this paragraph, you will learn about how to use paytm the first time, we describe all the steps to create paytm account and use it. Please, we recommend to you that first read the above 2nd paragraph, which includes all the steps to develop a first-time paytm account up to use it.

The following are step by step process to use paytm the first time.

1. ' Sign up' in the paytm app with your email or Phone Number.
2. Confirm your OTP number, which is sent to your email inbox or to the phone number.
3. After verifying your OTP number open app.
4. Now, your account is successfully created 
5. Add some money to your paytm wallet( Adding money to the wallet is possible with add money option which is given in below balance details)
6. Adding money is possible with debit cards, net banking, credit cards, UPI transaction.
7. After all these above steps Now you can make a transaction with paytm money.

If you can use it the first time, then it gives you cashback offers up to 50%. Making transactions take a few seconds because it works with instant transaction technology. It also has a store where we can buy products like jeans, shirts, shades, kurtas, electronics, daily use products, and more, etc. products. Day by day, paytm users are growing because it is a beneficial app or company for mobile transactions.

how to use paytm wallet without KYC

KYC is essential to add money in paytm wallet by debit cards, credit cards, net banking, etc. But, If you don't complete KYC for your account, then adding money in the wallet is possible by receiving payment from another paytm user. Yes, it is beneficial to use a paytm wallet without KYC. If you want to complete your KYC, then Select the KYC option and tap on it. Here you find to complete your KYC with Doorstep option. We recommend you to achieve your KYC because it helps you to increase your account limit from 10,000 up to 1 lakh.

You can receive paytm money from another user with KYC because it cant need KYC. Now, after it, you quickly make payments by that wallet balance.

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