How To Message Someone On Youtube 2021 [ BEST WAY]

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How TO Message Someone On Youtube (Guide)

How to message someone on youtube

This is too much Easy to sending message someone on youtube, but if you know how to message someone on youtube in 2021 & cover all the following points. In this article, we describe how to message someone on youtube. The Option of sending a message and receiving the messages in youtube creator studio is no longer. This change is done by youtube because this feature was not widely used. But, do you need to sending a message to someone on the youtube app, then read all the following points.

Sending A Message Someone On Youtube By Using The Mobile Phone. Step By Step.

1. Click on the "channel" of someone where you want to send a message.

How to message someone on youtube step 1

  2. Go to the about section of the channel profile.

How to message someone on youtube step 2

3. Read "business inquires email address." 

4. after it sends your message to inquire email.

Note: All the above step also helps you to do dm on youtube.

Sending A Message Someone On Youtube By Using Desktop. Step By Step...

1. Click on "channel profile" and open it.
2. Go to the about section of the channel.
3. Read "business inquires email address." 
4. send your private message to inquire or business email.

Receiving Message In Youtube: Step By Step

1." Sign in" Youtube a
2. Go to "profile."
3. Click on "customize channel" option
4. Click "about" section
5. Click on "edit," and after it, put your "email address."
6. It is ready to 'receiving messages' via the email address

Note: Business inquiries email address is only for business purposes. Send a message to someone on youtube is exclusively for any inquiries. Some peoples used the email address of any YouTuber for any waste purpose. It is not easy to approach any questions to reply to messages on youtube if your message is used less. 

Youtube Messages

Youtube is the biggest social network in the world. youtube messages provide value to users and also to YouTubers. Email is the best way to connect someone on youtube. But some channels don't put their emails on youtube about section. If you can't find any email in about section, then you need to research your Youtuber friend by social media.

But what to do if any channel does not put their email in about section?

You need to find YouTuber social accounts to message because it is the best and also the only way to message someone. In Social media, YouTubers post updates or content on a daily bases. A lot of queries and information about their life YouTubers post day by day in their social media posts.

It is effortless to collect or receive messages via youtube contact information. But if you use it ethically and intelligently, otherwise you can't receive any reply from it.

What types of Messages allow by Business Enquiries Email.

As we know very well, the business email address is only used to collaborations and also for business quires. Some types of peoples used that type of email to send invaluable messages like"Hi" or some like this. 

Sometimes peoples send their emails via using business mail, but they cant received any word of their sent emails. It is because business emails are only for business purposes.

You need to always approach a proper way to communicate to any youtube account holders. 

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